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SMART Fortwo - Offroad


It isn’t very common any more that ads don’t make into the online world if they are popular and people fall downright in love with them. The Offroad ad for the SMART Fortwo is an exception to that trend as many learned at Cannes last week. The ad created by BBDO Germany took home Gold in both Film and Film Craft and according to Adweek.com, if there was a Crowd Pleasing Lion award this would be the clear winner!

The spot is very well done and I personally love it when a brand can poke fun at themselves in a way that is both fun and functional. The ad (which I hope you’ve watched) features the SMART car doing all things it wasn’t made for – in a nutshell it’s an off-roading disaster for the little guy as he struggles to climb hills, manoeuvre terrain and cross various obstacles. But fear not (I’m sure if you’ve seen the spot an empathetic aw or two escaped your lips as you watched him struggle), he prevails in the urban jungle as the ultimate city car who can take on the smallest of parallel parking spots with swager and ease – unlike those massive monster vehicles.

The tagline is spot on – “As good off road as an offroader in the city”, and the view of the car pulling into the spot as the bad ass that it is – clipping the curb ads and element of roughness one doesn’t normally associate with the SMART line-up. The music track is the icing on the cake and it leaves me not surprised it won gold at Cannes this year. This is more than your average car commercial, it has gut, substance and humour.

CLR - First Impressions


Yet another brand is jumping on the, ‘swearing and dirty minded type tagline’ since it’s the new cool thing to do after Kmart offered to Ship  Your Pants. CLR has teamed up with Moon Pie Media (Austin, Texas) to bring you their dirty mouth campaign. I actually had to watch the spot twice in order to catch the tag behind the ad and quite frankly in my opinion I don’t find it funny or original. If anything it doesn’t capture my attention mostly because it’s not suitable like the Kmart ad was, because in this had they are just down right swearing.

The 30-second spot (for web and broadcast), those cleaning their household fixtures with the product are magically transformed into dirty potty mouths once they realize how well the product works. Take a watch and see for yourself, maybe some people will find it well executed and others – like myself – may not.

I’m going to continue to monitor this ongoing trend – swearing = cool – and have also been notified by co-workers that both JELL-O and Bookings.com have also made an attempt at being ‘cool’ in recent weeks.

Molson Canadian - The Beer Fridge


I couldn’t think of a better post for Canada Day weekend than this one.

Let’s be honest one of the most Canadian things is a beer – I know I know, a lot of countries can say that but at the same time nothing pairs better with our national sport than an icy cold one. And what’s better than sharing those cold ones with friends – especially when they are free! When I first came across this ad earlier in the week I couldn’t help but crack a smile, not only is the commercial quirky – watching local Europeans either stare at the fridge in confusion or be angry that they can’t open it, but it also is a feel good moment as a Canadian.

The fridge is only accessible via a Canadian passport, and once the fridge is open there is drinks for everyone. Some of the locations are major European cities, while others are more rural and out there.

Rethink has continued to think out-of-the-box with their latest Molson campaign, they not only understand Canadians attachment to the brand and the product, but also see the underlying connection that lies within sharing one of these drinks with friends – even if that means you’re halfway across the world and not in Canada.

According to the agency, there will be more of these fridges to come over the next few months. Where these fridges will pop-up, we’ll just have to wait and see. A good piece of advice from one traveling beer loving Canadian to another – don’t go anywhere without your passport! Opening one of these fridges will not only make you a hero but I’m almost positive you’ll be the talk of the local town. If you happen to catch one of these fridges in your international adventures be sure to snap a pic and post it with the hashtag #IAmCanadian.

New Mac Announced - Simon Balch


If there is one think you watch today I hope it’s this!

Bedtime  (Oreo) – The Martin Agency (June 2013)______________________________________________________________________

I made an effort this Father’s Day to really pay attention to some of the ‘holiday’ specific ads created by major brands, dedicated to Dad. In recent years, we see ads with Mom being the focus (e.g., ASDA Holiday Campaign 2012 and P&G’s ever popular Olympic ads) but rarely do we see shout-outs to all things Dad. Last week I saw Oral-B’s Father’s Day spot and instantly tweeted about their incredibly touching ad and #powerofdad push on Twitter, I was impressed with the simplicity of the ad and the relation back to the product at the end, rather than throughout.

Bedtime, is Oreo’s take on the importance of Father’s, utilizing the melody from their ‘Wonderfilled’ anthem, they have reworked the tune to celebrate all the things one could stay up all night and do with Dad. The spot itself is a little long in length but the many ideas the girl rhymes of are sure to capture a nostalgic moment for many viewers of late night adventures with their own Father. I do appreciate the live-action with the animated pencil drawing overlays as it relates nicely back to the original ‘Wonderfilled’ spot which is strictly executed in animated format.

I will continue on my pursuit for ads that encompass all things Dad, if you happen to come across any yourself let me know!

Wonderfilled Anthem (Oreo) – The Martin Agency (May 2013)___________________________________________________________________

Rounding off an action packed 100-anniversary year (including numerous campaigns from Draftfcb, some amazing social initiatives and the killer Super Bowl reaction), Oreo now turns its focus to the joy of sharing in its new campaign created by The Martin Agency. The idea behind ‘Wonderfilled’ didn’t come with an ask for it to be musical, but once the line (“Wonder if I gave an Oreo…”) came to Creative Director David Muhlenfeld at Martin in the early stages he realized that it was naturally leading him in that direction. Once the song was written they developed other versions around the melody with different words that would lend well to future campaigns such as the ‘Bedtime’ – Father’s Day spot. The custom track was performed by Adam Young of Owl City and the main idea behind the final spot is the change that you can evoke in a friend or strangers life by simply sharing an Oreo with them. The Martin Agency describes it as, "Wonderfilled captures the universal human feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world."


The ad is whimsical and truly magical, as the viewer is taken on a story-time adventure through some of the most beloved tales of our time. In these instances however, the endings are slightly different, and the difference is the one sharing an Oreo can make in the world. My favourite being the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. The campaign includes a shorter version of the 90-second anthem spot, as well as a fun comic book themed print element which are shared in separate posts.

Father’s Day 2013 (Oral-B) – Publicis Kaplan Thaler (June 2013)___________________________________________________________________________

The first Father’s Day themed ad I came across early last week, I think it’s a really great heartfelt expression of all things Dad and Oral-B does good job of not making the whole commercial product focused.

Reclaim Your Angus at Carl’s Jr. - Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s June 2013


There is nothing more brilliant than a company who knows how to act on their toes when opportunity presents itself on their doorstep, for Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder this opportunity came knocking in recent weeks as a result of McDonald’s decision to no longer offer their beloved Angus Burger in the United States. A menu item for MacDonald’s that hasn’t always been permanent, but at the same time frequents enough on the menu boards that customers don’t get their feathers ruffled about it’s departure. But the most recent removal of the product sent many customers in to a angus fuelled rage on social media outlets across the Internet. This is where Andy Puzder - CEO of Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s - found his moment.

Reaching out to angered customers that were ‘deprived’ of their beloved angus meat, Andy took the opportunity to tell them that Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s have always had the angus meat that they love, and they still have it, with a price point even lower than MacDonald’s. The video call-out which includes Puzder sitting at his desk, addressing the nation of angus burger loving people and reading some of their tweets (which in my opinion is the best part ‘wthell’!) before letting them know it’s okay and providing them with the comforting fact that his establishments have what you want and will never take it away from you. The video ends with Puzder directing you to the site where one can ‘claim’ their coupon for $1 off the 100% Angus Six Dollar Burger - ReclaimYourAngus.com (and as Adweek warns, don’t mis-spell that one in your URL box).

Paired with a great print piece created by 72 and Sunny, the campaign is unexpected, off-the-cuff, quirky and original. I have to give Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s a big thumbs up because they really reacted quickly and in a clever manner to the helpless tweets of lost McD customer souls. Check the video out for yourself, I am almost certain you’ll have a laugh and be sure to check out the extended cut on the website - ReclaimYourAgnus.com