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Hiatus Over

The last few weeks have been a little hectic/busy/crazy with finishing my contract to traveling to job hunting to landing a job.

You get the just.

Back to posting some fresh, unique, quirky content!


Spring Refresh is Coming

Things have been busy, as I work closely with Ad Lounge to develop their weekly social media for Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, as well as, helping to plan the 2013 Next Gen Dinner Series for upcoming creative/marketing/design/tech/PR students looking to get into the industry.

I have some drafts saved of ads I started talking about a few weeks ago, but am going to hold off on posting them until I do a little bit of a site clean up this long weekend. In the mean time, feel free to check out the content I pull via all of Ad Lounge’s social media outlets to keep you in the loop. While you’re there make sure to pick up your ticket for the much anticipated Art from the Unexpected 2013! It is shaping up to be a great night in support of an incredible local charity, ‘Sketch’.

Thank for your ongoing support and taking the time to read my view on the ads of our world.


‘Spread Some Warmth’ Pop Ups - Dempsters Bagels


Another really great pop-up marketing campaign that I came across during early February was the ‘Spread Some Warmth’ on February 5th which was set up conveniently at the corner of King & Bay on my way to work. I don’t usually stop for the freebie handouts because in Toronto when someone is giving something away for free it’s usually a mad crazy rush and not worth it. But it was just my luck that I crossed the street at the right time.

Approaching the little booth which the crew was still finishing setting up I thought they’d hand me a bagel and I’d be on my way but boy was I wrong! Not only did I get $1 off coupons for Philadelphia Cream Cheese but I was also offered a free bag of bagels! Come on now who doesn’t like bagels? And now who doesn’t like bagels when they are FREE? I was offered a choice of Plain or Whole Grain I took my bag of bagels and a few packs of cream cheese and I was on my merry way.

According to a co-worker later in the morning once the team was finished setting up they actually had toasters and were providing people with freshly toasted bagels to take with you on your way through the city that morning. Again, this was a really great use of interactive marketing and getting customers to try your product. With these booths it’s a minimal time commitment from the individual and therefore they are more like to stop and engage since they know it won’t take more than a few seconds. My only concern with Dempsters’ set up was the fact that they were only handing out a coupon for cream cheese, but when I think about it I guess if you get a discount on the cream cheese you’ll need something to put it on and hence will think to purchase bagels. The upside to this for Dempsters is that you’ll be purchasing their bagels at full price… smart.

The campaign title was cute and quirky, I like that they have the tie in of the warmth of a fresh bagel and the spread of cream cheese, all easily identifiable with the bagel substituting as the ‘O’ in the word some.

According to Dempsters’ Facebook page, the pop-up locations over the course of the week lead to their appearance on Breakfast Television on February the 8th in celebration of National Bagel Day which was the following day on the 9th. In addition, Dempsters asked local Torontonians who deserved some warmth! After selecting a winner they surprised the men & women of Fire Station 332 in Toronto with a warm breakfast & feature on BT.

Warm Up Mornings ‘Try it Hot’ Truck - Mini Wheats


There have been a lot of really great interactive marketing events put on by some major companies over the last few weeks in downtown Toronto. This one in particular was in the right place at the right time for me as I had just finished an extremely long/delayed commute and it was really nice to see this truck when I emerged from the Dundas Subway station on February 7th. 

Mini Wheats has created the concept of the ‘Try it Hot Truck’ which coincides with their campaign to promote consumers to try Mini Wheats with warm milk of their choice through their new TV spot. The truck was not only bright and colourful but I was surprised when I walked up to it and they had roughly six different varieties of options to choose from, ALL free! The best past (as someone who can’t have a lot of dairy) was that half of the options included various dairy substitutes such as almond and soy milk. Pairing of cereal and other toppings were created to give each bowl a theme, I believe the one I had was Maple Almond and came with Maple Mini Wheats, warm almond milk and slivered almonds.

There was a line up for ordering but to expedite the process, staff wrote your selection down and the turn around time was actually quite quick. To top of it off the portion size was big enough for breakfast and kept me full until lunch a few hours later. Coupons were provided once your order was picked up and I have to say that I think this is a really great marketing idea for companies similar to Mini Wheats who are part of the CPG industry. Allowing your current and potential consumers the opportunity to not only sample your product, but provide them with a full-sized meal and selection options really highlights the versatility of your product. This method allows the consumer to be able to identify how your product can fit into their lives.

If you’re interested in checking out the ‘Try it Truck’ you can check out their interactive map available in the link below!


In the Dark (Oreo) - Oreo
Oreo took advantage of last night’s blackout during the Super Bowl with this fantastic on the fly marketing spot!

In the Dark (Oreo) - Oreo


Oreo took advantage of last night’s blackout during the Super Bowl with this fantastic on the fly marketing spot!

What’s Beautiful Campaign - Under Armour (Fall/Winter 2012)


Launched in the Fall/Winter of 2012 in the United States, this campaign has finally made it on to our TV screen north and is Under Armour’s answer to increasing it’s sales and brand recognition, the company has decided they are going to take on the female athletic market and carve a space for itself amongst the big names such as LuluLemon and Nike.

I first saw this commerical a few weeks ago while I was jogging on my treadmill in the basement at my parent’s house. I short of laughed to myself as the size 0 women in the commercial as they ‘sweat’ in their fancy spinning/yoga/fitness/pilates gym and work out in their Under Armour gear. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE supporter of women working out and doing it for themselves, getting into shape and taking on a challenge, but I am also tired of us women being misrepresented in terms of what a ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’ woman looks like.

I understand that in the world of media and advertising sometimes it’s nice to showcase a version of a woman that ‘we all aspire to be’, but for many that is not the case. We can look to campaigns such as the Dove Beauty campaign where women embrace that they can be healthy and still be happy with their body’s curves and dimples. We all aren’t going to be Victoria’ Secret thin and the happiest and healthiest version of you is when you do what feels good and you are proud of yourself.

The campaign is poorly targeted and as a result it is offending women across the nation, women who are fit and athletic in their own way but don’t necessarily ‘measure down’ to the size 0 women featured in this ad. Did I also mention that some of the poses that they are contorting their bodies into are even difficult for the most seasoned of athletes…man they sure did a great job of showcasing the ‘everyday woman who will commit to sweat.’

I guess the question in my head is, is Under Armour trying to tell all women aged 18 - 34 that they are beautiful and by commiting to sweat every day they will maintain their inner and outter beauty OR are they trying to tell women that by sweating every day that you could be beautiful (you’re just not there yet). It is a a constant wish for women in today’s day and age that company’s would look at the real population and speak to all of them, not just the one’s they ‘think’ they aspire to be. This isn’t the first company who advertising fitness apparel and only showcases their product in the size 0 woman - example LuluLemon and Nike. Even though time after time I see ads for these other companies I guess it doesn’t rattle me quite as much as the Under Armour campaign does since they also didn’t have a contest to find ‘just how beautiful strength, determination, and sweet can be’. The Top 10 Winners of this contest sure as hell don’t exemplify a showcase of women trying to better themselves through fitness and find their definition of beauty, instead they look like 10 well seasoned female athletes. Even as I scroll down the page to the ‘Challenges Completed’ section it’s page after page of the same type of woman.

To summarize this article (and my apologies if it became a bit of a rant) if Under Armour is looking to focus on one type of woman for their product that that is perfectly fine with me, I will no longer fall into their target market nor purchase their product. However, if they are going to start classifying what is BEAUTIFUL, maybe they should look in the mirror of the American and Canadian nation again to get a clearer picture of what a ‘real’ North American looks like. Just because it’s not something they are proud to share doesn’t mean that it’s something we aren’t.

I may not be a size 0 myself, but I am a strong, beautiful woman who sweats every day and takes the journey one day at a time. I am a leader, and I don’t need to look a certain way to be one, I am hopefully leading a readership of women who will hold their chins a little higher tomorrow knowing that they are beautiful just the way that they were intended to be.