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24 Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens

RE2PECT (Nike) - Wieden + Kennedy, Directed by Matt Aselton (Arts & Science)


After 20 season in the MLB, 40 year-old baseball legend Derek Jeter who is also one of the brands longest sponsored athletes.

The spot is simplistic and highlights a brigade of Nike athletes, NYC pop culture icons, local New Yorkers and city celebrities as they tip their hat to the man who wears #2. You also catch a few Red Sox and Mets Fans - including the mascot himself Mr. Met - highlighting that in the game of baseball when a great steps down people pay their respects to not only acknowledge what he has done for his team but also for the game.

The spot is slated to air on July 16 during the MLB All Star Game in its 90-second entirety.

Who Are the 54 - John St.

Toronto agency John St. is looking for the international public’s help in locating the ‘misguided’ Australian individuals who purchased the new Robin Thicke album - Paula.

This off the cuff, humorous site directs visitors to tag themselves or the individual they know in Australia who purchased the CD as #1ofthe54. What will John St. do once they compile the list of the 54? It would appear that they my gift them with some ‘non-misogynistic’ music for their listening pleasure.

The moral of the story is, friends don’t let friends support Robin Thicke.

Hate Thousand Miles #smartclass (Spirit Airlines) - Barkley


Here is the video for Spirit Airlines Hate Thousand Miles campaign. The tweets are funny, but the gal in the spot might be a little too annoying for folks to appreciate the humor.

Hate Thousand Miles #smartclass (Spirit Airlines) - Barkley

Spirit Airlines pokes fun at themselves in their new campaign Hate Thousand Miles which translates to the 8000 free miles you can obtain just for sending them your hate mail.

8000 miles isn’t bad as it equates to almost a one way ticket - typical one-way tickets require a redemption of 10,000 miles.

Not known for their 5-star service, Spirit doesn’t care because when you travel with them you are traveling #smartclass and saving money according to them.

Lover's Shirts - Hanne Steen (Writer) & Carla Richmond Coffing (Photographer)

We are all human, some of us are able to let things go, while others take time - it is all part of the process.

Photographer Carla Richmond Coffing provided woman with an opportunity for self reflection and vulnerability. The object may vary for each of us, it may not be a boyfriend’s it could be a friend’s or family members. But the memories to us are strung together within that thing that we hold so close.

The Beer Fridge ‘O-Canada’ (Molson) - Rethink


I don’t need to say much about this, the fridge always speaks for itself. The popular infamous fridge is back thanks to Rethink, just in time for July 1st. This time it’s not a passport you need, but your patriotic singing voice and a little enthusiasm.



Pr-e-conference Tease (Amazon) - In-house Amazon Team


It’s cheeky, Amazon’s new ‘teaser’ video ahead of their top secret June 18 event that will take place in Seattle. While the video may have a sexual undertone for many, analysts are under the impression that it is likely a new phone the company will unveil on June 18.